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Sports injuries are unfortunately a common occurrence within the foot and ankle. Frequently, injuries such as ankle sprains, muscle strains/tears, turf toe, fractures and dislocations are seen by podiatrists. As a podiatrist, we are uniquely equipped in the diagnoses, and treatment of sports injuries in the foot and ankle. We have seen sports injuries as mild as a swollen joint or sore heel, to things as extreme as dislocated ankle joints, fractures, and tendon ruptures requiring surgical intervention. Most sports injuries are caused by abrupt and immediate trauma, or repetitive abuse the a specific area over time. This is then realized in the form of pain or stiffness in said area, and it is very important to seek care for these ailments at either time of recognition or at the time of the immediate and abrupt trauma.

Sports That Are Prone Injury

Different sports such as soccer and track put added stress on the legs and feet and can lead to painful drawn-out injuries, others are..

  • Tennis
  • Pickle Ball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Golf

Sports injuries can begin as a mild nuisance which over time if left untreated can compound and become much worse. Early diagnosis and clinical evaluation is a must for many of these injuries in order to avoid further injury, and or longstanding chronic changes. Seek the care of a board certified Podiatrist for evaluation, treatment, and prevention of your sports injuries.

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